Swatch Sistem51 Automatic Watches : Sistem Blue

Sistem51 is the new invention from Swatch that sees watch movement take a giant leap forward in the use of affordable materials to develop high quality movements.

Clustered around the centre of the deep black dial are 6 red points indicating 6 of the movement’s 19 rubies, glowing red signals from the movement within. Narrow white lines connect a scattering of star-white dots, tracing a path for us to follow, a map to guide our cosmic journey.

Twelve white dots mark the hours on the black bezel set within a luminous, translucent blue case. And on the reverse we discover an amazing sight—a deep blue and black star-burst, a radiant pattern expanding from the central screw to the oscillating weight, the motor of the extraordinary mechanical movement that is SISTEM51.

The Swatch Sistem51 range retails for under $200 and is set to make a big splash in the market. Watch this space for some copiers looking to replicate this technology.