Hoptroff Hotblack Stock Market

Hoptroff London Hotblack Calibre Stock Market

The Hoptroff London Hotblack Stock Market watch is a unique smart watch that displays live financial data, wherever you are ideal for the serious investor or financial guru.  At lunch, in a meeting, at the theatre.  Anywhere.

The 6 o’clock dial delivers the market data you care about as a percentage change since last night’s close.  It’s all set up from your smartphone, which also provides the live data feed over a Bluetooth link.  The 9 o’clock shows perpetual date, and the top dial ticks shows rocking seconds.

The watch’s Hoptroff movement is accurate to one second per year which makes it the most accurate watch in the world, to achieve this precision, each timepiece is individually subjected to an 8-hour temperature cycling ordeal while timing it against an atomic clock.

Currently compatible with iPhone and Android , and available in right-handed and left-handed versions.