New Balance NX990 Fitness Watch : New Balance Watches South Africa

The New Balance NX990 GPS fitness watch will be your personal trainer to support you through the tough times and cheer you during the good ones. The watch is completely customizable and uses satellite-based navigational technology (GPS) with 10 paths and 99 waypoints per path 3 navigational modes: waypoint, forward, and backward 48,170 track points stored.

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Some more features include: digital compass calibration, adjustable declination, and cardinal north indicator, monitors speed, distance, and pace with the 2.4 GHz digitally coded chest strap included ECG-accurate continuous heart-rate monitoring to name but a few of the features.

New Balance NX990 watch details:

  • Monitors Speed, Distance and Pace via GPS technology
  • Stores up to 990 waypoints and 48,170 track points
  • Digital Compass with 16 cardinal point bearings and adjustable declination
  • 2.4 GHz digitally coded chest strap for no crosstalk along with auto or custom set HR zones
  • 100 hour chronograph with 120 run memory