Oakley The Book : Oakley Book

Oakley, probably best known for the their sunglasses and in later years their range of modern spectacles, are purveyors of unconventional design and groundbreaking technological developments in the field of eyewear since 1975.

Oakley has been at the forefront of sunglass technology for more than 40 years, with more innovation in the small field that anyone could have ever anticipated. Not to be outdone in any category of goods developed by Oakley, designed in California you would do well to grab any piece of Oakley gear and have it perform at the highest level.

Now, that innovative and sports spirit has been captured for the first time in book form in – Oakley: The Book. At 220 odd pages, the story of Oakley is just as illuminated as the related philosophy of life and a series of visions and ideas.

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